Why Ratu


  • MLC Complient
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Our management team search consultants are all experienced seafarers and with significant experience in the cruise line and commercial shipping sectors.
  • We are committed to a high level of ethics and do not charge applicants any application or processing fee other than those required by the shipping client. This enabled us to grow a strong reputation in Indonesia with governmental agencies and potential candidates.
  • We provide each cruise line client with a dedicated ‘crew coordinator’ and processing/scheduling team. This ensures dedicated service to each client and immediate response to scheduler requests.
  • We have forged close relationships with leading hospitality colleges in Indonesia and Thailand in order to leverage ‘first pick’ for outstanding graduates.
  • We continue to support and engage with hired candidates long after they secure employment. We provide support services and help to families of seafarers while they are on assignment at no charge.
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