Our Story
VisionTo consistently be the number 1 HP of choice in Asia for the cruise industry.
MissionBy providing quality service, attention to detail and a seamless experience for crew and Principal alike.
Oct - 2007

Ratu Oceania Raya opens for business in Jakarta

Nov - 2007

Started sending crew on board many of the world’s leading cruise lines

Sep - 2008

Ratu Oceania Raya expanded its business in Bali and formed 
PT. Ratu Oceania Raya Bali

Sep - 2010

Became Royal Caribbean’s “Highest Success Rate Hiring Partner” for sending crew on board

Dec - 2010

ISO 9001:2008/MLC 2006 Certified License from

  • The Ministry for Transportation
  • Director General for Sea Transportation
Jan - 2014

Expanded South East Asian Market by opening Ratu 
Oceania Raya Malaysia (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Sep - 2021

Officially opened Branch Office in Yogyakarta